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In Conversations with Adam Castillejo, the London Patient

Adam is one of a very small group of individuals who have been “cured” of HIV following stem cell transplantation and has become a global advocate for HIV Cure research.

The HOPE Collaboratory had the honor of hosting Adam Castillejo, the London Patient for a panel to hear about his experience through this unique and challenging process.  Joined by clinicians, scientists, and community members from the Gladstone Institutes, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and several HOPE institutions discussed the impact and hurdles associated with developing an HIV Cure.

Adam Castillejo, the London Patient

Life After HIV

Meet the 2nd Person Cured of HIV, aka the “London Patient”

Introducing the Panelists:

Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH, HOPE SAB Member, Director of CFAR, Medical Director of the Ward 86 HIV clinic

Kim Koester, PhD,  Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Researcher at CAPS

Luis Gutierrez-Mock, MA, MPH. HOPE CAB Member, Pandemic Response Specialist

Lishomwa Ndhlovu, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Immunology in Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Photo credits to Michael Short/Gladstone Institutes