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Alecia Tramel-McIntyre“I welcome a cure. Absolutely. I’m an HIV advocate, but my life doesn’t revolve around living HIV positive… So, before being a part of the HOPE (Study) and coming here today, when I heard there was a cure, this was my response: drug companies create customers, not cures. A cure would take away a customer. That takes away money. But after being here in California and just being so overwhelmed when I went to the Gladstone Institute, I saw that they were genuine and sincere and really want to do it, it’s like I see it differently: it can happen in my lifetime, hell! Because it can, and it will. I Believe in a Cure.

Alecia Tramel-McIntyre
HIV Community Advocate
Founder of Positive People Network Inc

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Podcasts Featuring HOPE

Monica Gandhi“But we still have a way to go … My ultimate goal, this is my hope, is that it gets us towards universal health care, and HIV also gets us towards more and more scientific advances that help inform all other viral infections.”

Monica Gandhi
HIV Medical Researcher

“I have participated in more than two dozen clinical trials, including some with analytic treatment interruption that is intended to help work towards developing effective cures for HIV. And the reason I do this is because I feel that it’s a way for me to put my HIV to use.

Thomas J. Villa
HIV Community Advocate