The HOPE Collaboratory is one of 10 groups awarded a 5-year grant under the Martin Delaney Collaboratories program, the flagship program on HIV cure research at the NIH.

The Martin Delaney Collaboratories for HIV Cure Research is the flagship NIH program on HIV cure research. The purpose is to foster dynamic, multidisciplinary collaborations between basic, applied, and clinical researchers studying HIV persistence and developing potential curative strategies. This is accomplished by establishing partnerships across academia, industry, government, and community, with a goal of leveraging common resources to accelerate the pace of HIV cure research and engage the next generation of HIV cure researchers.

Collaboratories dedicated to developing a cure for HIV/AIDS and part of the grant awarded by the NIH:



Martin Delaney was a prominent advocate for AIDS research and community inclusion in AIDS research. He was one of the founders of Project Inform in San Francisco in 1985.

Martin Delaney
Martin Delaney, 1997 Photo Credit: Darcy Pacilla, NYT

Delaney, along with Project Inform, encouraged the fast tracking of HIV drugs before they were widely available to the public. Delaney worked to encourage both drug companies and government organizations to consult with people living with HIV about treatment options.

He was a member of NIAIDs AIDS Research Advisory Committee from 1991-1995 and awarded the  NIAID Director’s Special Recognition Award for ‘extraordinary contributions to framing the HIV research agenda.’ After his passing in 2009, the NIH started the MDC named in his honor.