“Don’t lose hope. Researchers are spending sleepless nights working hard to make sure we get an HIV cure. In fact, that researchers [care] about my life keeps me going … The cure for HIV will come. We’ve got to be optimistic … We’ve got to believe.”

Global Cure Ambassador Moses Supercharger – extract from HIV Cure a Global Science Conversation, 18 Aug, 2021, University of Cape Town, quoted by L.G. Bekker


Community Arts Integrated Research

HIV cure research education is a priority of the HOPE Collaboratory, and we have partnered with Dr. Pauline Sameshima, Canada Research Chair in Arts Integrated Research, to develop an innovative program of Community Arts Integrated Research (CAIR) focused on HIV cure research.


San Francisco AIDS Foundation

HOPE is thrilled to partner with SFAF in our community engagement efforts. The mission of SFAF is promotion of health, wellness, and social justice for communities most impacted by HIV, through sexual health and substance use services, advocacy, and community partnerships.


HOPE Ambassadors

Ambassadors will translate complex scientific concepts for community members, including CAB representatives, and provide insights to early-stage investigators and trainees who may not otherwise relate to the reality of living with HIV. Ambassadors will aid CE in ideation, development/review, and promotion of CE programs.