HOPE Members Host Successful Codeathon

New York, NY – The 2021 Telescope “dark matter” codeathon, hosted by the Nixon Lab at WCM, brought together an international team of biologists, computational scientists, and bioinformaticians for an intense week of coding, analysis, and writing. The goal of this codeathon was to develop a robust, open source software pipeline for analyzing transposable element expression in single cell RNA-seq data. Participants were from around the world, including UNAM (Mexico), U of Toronto, Cambridge University, San Jose State University, and Weill Cornell Medicine.

The codeathon was a highly successful. Expect to see their new pipeline, StellarScope, released in the near future, as well as new two new single cell analysis papers investigating immune biology and HIV infection. The new tool is expected to be highly useful for the aims of HOPE examining cell- and locus-specific HERV expression in the context of HIV latency.

Participant list:
Doug Nixon, Matthew Bendall, Helena Reyes, Jez Marston, Matt Greenig, Bhavya Singh, Kip Randall, Jonah Lin, Nick Dopkins, Morgan O’Mara,  Santiago Sandoval, Elsa Lawrence, Tara Machado