Collaboratory Wide Meeting 11/21/22

Hello HOPEians,

Thank you to all that attended the first HOPE Collaboratory Wide meeting yesterday 11/21/22. We heard practice talks from Zichong, Priti, and Alina for the Miami HIV Persistence conference. There was great feedback and commentary. Attached are the Management & Operations updates. If you have any questions or comments please let me know.
  • Melanie Ott will introduce the speakers (1-2 min)

  • 4 min each

    • RF1 Zichong Li “Mapping Genetic Interaction Networks Identifies a Nucleosomal Modification Complex for Silencing HIV”

    • RF2  Susana Valente “Title TBD”

    • RF3  Priti Kumar  “Targeted Genome Engineering of Human T Cells In Vivo for HIV Cure”

    • CNS Alina Pang “Spironolactone Represses HIV-1 Driven Transcription in Human Microglia and T cell Models of Latency and Alters DNA methylation of Metabolic Genes”

  • Main Conference Talks

    • Sonia Mediouni Jablonski (oral presentation)

If you are joining us in Miami, we will be hosting the HOPE dinner on 12/12 (location TDB). If you haven’t already, let us know if you are attending.  Save the date for 12/15 for a HOPE-led community event.

In the December RF meetings, we will be discussing the formal SAB report and re-evaluating the specific aims of each RF.